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About G562 Granite

Granite G562 is red granite , it is also called Maple Red , from the quarry in China .  A coarse-grained, red-brown alkaline feldspar granite.

Granite G562 is a granite in red color mixed with grey and black . Its’  pretty red color is very suitable for construction project , little color difference , good quality and never loss color in sunshine and acid rain.

Synonyms: Ahorn Rot, Capao Bonito, Cenxi, Cenxi Hong, Cenxi Red, Charme, Copperstone, Crown Red, G4562, Gsg009rd, Maple-Leaf Red, Maple Leaf Red, Maple Red, Mapple Red, Marple Leaf Red, New Capao Bonito, WG562

G562 granite Physical property
CompressiveStrength: 1619kg/cm2
WaterAbsorption: 0.24%
Density: 2620kg/m3
FlexuralStrength: 90kg/cm2

Use of G562 Granite

Slab, Tile, Countertop, Vanity top, Tub Surround, Tub Tray, Mosaic, Medallion, Trim, Molding, Baluster, Column, Paving, Fountain, Gazebo, Planter, Doorway, Furniture, Statue, Statuary, Stone Sink, Carving

Recommended Usage: Kitch and bathroom countertops ,Interior wall panels,Water walls ,window sills, Tombstone and monuments .




Kitchen countertops

When installed in a kitchen, countertops are usually about 25 1/2 inches (650 mm) from front to back and are designed to slightly-overhang standard kitchen base cabinets. This allows a convenient reach to objects at the back of the countertop. They often contain some sort of integrated backsplash to prevent spilled liquids from falling behind the cabinets and the face of the countertop may be decorated in ways ranging from plain to very elaborate. They may be cut away to accommodate the installation of sinks, stoves (cookers), ranges, and cooktops, or other accessories such as integrated drain boards and cuttingboards.

Granite Tile
When granite exterior makes the strong statement for the graciousness and permanence of the structure, granite interior will speak more gently for the elegance and superiority. For residential and commercial flooring application, cold spring granite tile is specifically designed. Granite suits for extreme condition resist wear, deterioration and weathering.

Granite tile is also the product of natural granite stone. It is an igneous rock formed from the liquid magma, and cools itself to form the substance. Granite essentially consist of three mineral namely feldspar, quartz and mica. These minerals occur in different proposition, giving difference in color, texture and structural characteristic.


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